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Ahoj is a neoclassical duo band, formed by Célio Azevedo in 2020.

Members: Célio Azevedo and Jana Karásková.

In our artistic conception, with the proper poetic license, is that the word Ahoj is a message from the universe saluting us, moving its galaxies, with all its stars, towards us. Our goal is to return this greeting, just as it was done with the WOW sign, in the 1970s, through music and words said correctly. I have written them for about 20 years. Everything indicates that this has worked.

Inspired by the music with the same name, from the rock opera project Celio Azevedo’s Scout, Ahoj is an answer to the universe.

Music is like a key to a portal to return to our origins. Come with us towards the forbidden world of Ahoj.

“It’s time to face the end. The power unknown between your hands defines what you have to be”

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